Fundamentals of Fearless Problem-Solving

This one-day workshop introduces participants to the deliberate practice of fearless problem-solving. In a fun and fast paced environment participants will learn how to minimise risk whilst maximising creativity using design thinking principles. They will enjoy the hands-on experience of gathering insights, empathising, generating ideas and developing rapid prototypes. And by doing this will understand how mastering a deliberate practice can turn you into a fearless problem solver. The journey of taking a problem to a compelling and kick ass solution leaves participants energised and with the creative confidence to take the next step in their problem solving/innovation journey.

Fearless Problem-Solving: A Deliberate Practice

This two-day masterclass embeds the development of a deliberate practice for problem-solving introduced in the ‘Fundamentals’ workshop.
It covers creativity, empathy, communication, collaboration, adaptability and innovation. Using design thinking principles participants will undertake a full cycle from problem through to solution using a current, real life challenge. This will support mastery of the tools and help participants gain the ‘aha’ insight into the importance of deliberate practice. They will see for themselves how minimising risk and enabling maximum creativity results in compelling, kick ass solutions. And how it banishes the fear associated with developing highly innovative solutions to complex issues.
Note: Those who have not undertaken the ‘Fundamentals’ workshop will not be disadvantaged as there will be a recap of the theory component at the commencement of this workshop.

Carol Harding

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