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Design: The act of creativity and innovation.
Compelling: Irrefutable and enthralling in a powerfully irresistible way.
Solutions: Insightful responses that enable exceptional outcomes.

It begins here.

by design, not default

Carol Harding is an experienced design thinking practitioner who is well known for her dynamic approach to design thinking and her delivery of both professional development and personal transformation programs across Australia.

An engaging and enthusiastic speaker and presenter, Carol has developed a unique series of programs for organisations and professionals. These are focussed on innovation and the application of design thinking principles and show participants how to create compelling solutions for problem solving, challenges and opportunities. Carol’s experience as a leader in the design thinking space has seen her undertake a residency with the US Federal Government Innovation Lab and deliver innovation programs at an international level.

A thought leader in design thinking, Carol also uses it for life design. Rather than allowing life to simply carry you along you can learn how to redesign and successfully transform your personal life or career using the same proven process that Uber, Apple, AirBnB, Nike, IBM and other design centric companies use to create extraordinary success!

Design thinking. It’s about operating by design, not default. And it begins here.



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